Larry H. (Yelp Review)

"Recently, while eating, I lost a crown and part of a tooth.  I am relatively new to the area and did not have a dentist.  After some research, I called Dr. Shanna Chirco's office to see if they might be able to take me on short notice and help me with this uncomfortable situation.  It was already around 4 p.m.  They asked me if I could make it to their office in the next 30 minutes.  I jumped on the opportunity.  As it turned out, the remedy was fairly time consuming and Dr. Chirco and members of her staff stayed until approximately 6:45 (when I know they had other plans).
They were hospitable and knowledgeable and never made me feel like I was an imposition.  It is rare these days to find such a combination of competency and courtesy, but I found it with Dr. Chirco and her entire staff.  I now have a dentist in the area and I would strongly recommend Dr. Chirco and her team to anyone searching for a great dentist!